How Can I Help You?

Rebecca was there with us during labour and her support was fantastic throughout

Alina, First Time Mum to Twins

As a Doula my services are tailored personally to you, here is an example of the support I can offer

Birth Doula Services

As your Birth Doula, I commit to one client at a time which offers peace of mind that I am there purely for you, you and no one else.

After our initial meeting we will arrange two dates to meet, get to know each other and discuss how I can help you. What concerns you may have, discuss any questions that arise during pregnancy and establish a plan how I can support you in Pregnancy and Labour.

I like to meet both the Mother and Birth Partner for one meet, so we can all be reassured I am here for both of you. A Doula doesn’t replace your birth partner, they are additional to the birthing environment to help both Birthing Mother and their partner feel comfortable, listened too and help to achieve your own preferences and decisions for birth.

I begin on call from 38 weeks pregnancy and will be available day or night to attend your birth. Wether your birth is at home, hospital or a birthing unit I will be there for each step.

Additionally I can attend consultation appointments with you too.

Throughout Pregnancy and Labour I am there to answer any questions, to provide recommended contacts of other services and professionals as required and to be a confidential ear to both Mother and Birth Partner.

Many of my clients enjoy reminiscing on photos which I can take during birth and some clients also enjoy reading how I viewed your birth story.

Once your baby has arrived and you are ready to welcome me into your home, we can de brief your birth together during our postnatal meeting and I can share contacts whom may be beneficial, including Breastfeeding Supporters, Tongue Tie Specialists, Local Support Groups and events and other health professionals alike.

Hypnobirthing, Postnatal Support and Mumma Blessing can also be included within my Birth Doula Services.

Postnatal Doula

You do not have to have used my Birth Doula Services to book me for Post natal support.

As a Post natal Doula, we will meet to see how I can help. What do you need? Or maybe you’re not sure what you need right now, but you know you’d like someone there when your baby arrives.

For a minimum of 3 hours per visit I can be there to listen, to hold your baby while you sleep, bathe or eat. I can take your baby for a walk whilst you rest at home, provide recommended contacts and groups of interest that you may wish to join at a later date.

I can tidy offer light cleaning and follow your and your babies lead during the this transitional time.


Following the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme I offer Private 4 week evening courses in the comfort of your own home.

On an evening suitable to you, from 7pm – 9.30pm we go through each stage of The Wise Hippo Programme.

Learning techniques for birth and understanding how the Birthing Programme actually works. With beautiful MP3’s, your own workbook and viewing discreet birth video’s of positive births provides visual reassurance that birth can be positive, calm and you can achieve this yourself too.

Mumma Blessings

Mumma Blessings can be arranged in your own home or a suitable venue and focus on the Mother to be. To feel the strength and bond of your closest friends, your tribe, to guide and support you during labour.

They offer a calming environment with essential oil blends filling the air and relaxing music softening the blessing. From flower wreaths for the Mumma, everyone bringing good food to share, and unite together red circle entwining and poetry.

Enjoying sentimental keeps sakes including decorating candles which can be lite by your nearest friends when you begin labour and remind you that you have an amazing tribe of women supporting you through this experience too.

To positive and personal statements written by your dearest friends onto bunting. There for you to and enjoy and provide comfort and warmth during labour.

If you would like to read further about Mumma Blessings please follow this link;

From the bottom of my heart thank you so, so, so much for your support during my labour. I knew you had your work cut out with me being such a weepy lunatic but you were amazing & made the experience so much more positive. You were such a huge help to my husband as well, you helped him to feel so much more confident and in control. I really am so grateful for all your help during and leading up to the birth.

NW November 2018

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