About Me

As a Mum of 2 high energy girls, my eldest Emily and her younger sister Rosie are two firecrackers full of resilience, determination and a zest for life. Wow do my girls keep me busy, entertained, elated and exhausted all in the same breathe! I love them dearly (most of the time) and birthed them both using Hypnobirthing techniques and Birth Preparations that I had learnt through a similar course to what I now love teaching myself.

My first birth was very straight forward and I achieved a positive experience at home, in my living room with a warm comfortable pool. Honestly, I was that person who actually looked forward to my first birth and although I was exhausted, I was ok – it was ok! Both of my birthing experiences were positive and I stood firm to my preferences with Rosie, bubba number 2. Having learnt about my choices, I felt confident to ask following questions after a decision was agreed that just didn’t sit well with me. I took my query to my consultant who fantastically agreed with me and I was signed off for another home birth. I actually gave him a high five because I was so pleased and relieved I was listened too and that he, an amazing and well respected consultant at Broomfield Hospital agreed I was right.

These are just a few things I learnt from Studying with Katherine Graves, The Wise Hippos and expanding my support circle in becoming a Mentored Birth and Post Natal Doula in Essex, helping and meeting amazing mums through Dovecote, The Mother Side, The Nesting Place and much more.

My family life is blessed and I enjoy teaching Hypnobirthing, Birth Preparations and now proudly hosting Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions at The Nesting Place too.


In a previous life, a life I hope to rekindle is a love of hill walking, an odd new hobby whilst pregnant I began learning the ukulele haha and of course Motherhood is not always easy and there are days I feel I got everything wrong, but the majority of the time Motherhood is amazing and has unleashed a new stronger side to me that I previously didn’t know existed. I hope that you enjoyed reading a little about me, that you’ll come follow me on Facebook, Instagram to say hello and even better hopefully join me with your own Pregnancy and transition into Motherhood xxx

Bec xx