Treasured Birth Stories

Eva, February 2019

untitled-65Rebecca was absolutely amazing. She arrived at the perfect time when I needed her the most. Just someone reminding you to breath and holding your hand makes all the difference. My homebirth was so magical and can’t imagine not having Rebecca by my side. I would say that doulas are an asset and amazing support to both parents and can make a birth experience so different. I can’t imagine not having my two doulas by my side when I had my babies. Rebecca is very gentle and has a vast amount of knowledge. She always provided me with relevant signposts when I had my doubt about my choices. She is very empathetic and as I said her support was invaluable.


From the bottom of my heart thank you so, so, so much for your support during my labour. I knew you had your work cut out with me being such a weepy lunatic but you were amazing & made the experience so much more positive. You were such a huge help to my husband as well, you helped him to feel so much more confident and in control. I really am so grateful for all your help during and leading up to the birth. NW, Nov 18


Rebecca and Sam, October 2018

44135720_10155963596922965_5733300746204479488_nI could not recommend Becs enough! We completed a private Wise Hippo course with her and from the off we thought she was wonderful. I always knew I wanted discover hypnobirthing, it was a “must” before I even knew I was pregnant. The thing that I liked straight away, was even though I wanted to try to go through labour with no medical intervention, it was always said throughout our lessons that it was about having the best labour you can have on the day and that labour didn’t need to be a scary or daunting task that lay ahead and I had the most wonderful birth!!

My labour was such an incredible experience and even a few hours later I was discussing the next! I could never thank Becs enough for everything she taught us, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. And for the cake of course!! X


I was unsure about having a Doula but when I initially spoke to Bec, I immediately started to see the benefits of having the extra support of someone not in my family.  I was able to talk to her about my worries and concerns and feel listened to. This enabled me to really focus positively on the birth I wanted. I had attempted a home birth with my first child but ended up transferring to hospital. I feel the primary reason for the first homebirth not working out, was due to a lack of the right support.I feel Bec offered a calm, positive, knowledgeable, caring and confidence presence, this was really helpful to both me and my partner and was essential in achieving the home birth we had hoped for.  AW, Jul 18


Esther & Math, February 2017

I had heard about Hypnobirthing prior to meeting with Rebecca last November, but I was sceptical to say the least. I’d been told too many stories about the horrors of childbirth (“but don’t worry, you forget the terrible pain as soon the baby arrives”!!!). I was reassured however when Rebecca shared her own experience of childbirth and how practicing Hypnobirthing had helped to give her the kind of birth that she wanted. She talked about her training to be a Doula, helped me to write a birthing plan and recommended some reading material. With just a few months to go until my due date, I decided to focus on the breathing and visualisation practice. I was still somewhat nervous about what was to come though, worried in particular about my pain threshold (I often struggled to make it through a painful eyebrow threading!).

Fast forward to the 17th Feb 2017 and it was time to use what I had learned. Now I won’t lie, it wasn’t pain free but the practice I had done and the advice from Rebecca paid dividends. I felt able to manage the surges (contractions) – in fact midwives didn’t realise I was in established labour as I seemed so calm. Two paracetamol was all the pain relief I had and on the 18th Feb my beautiful boy arrived.

I want to thank Rebecca for all her support and for improving my confidence in what my body can do. If I am lucky enough to have another pregnancy, I will certainly revisit the Hypnobirthing techniques that helped me so much this time round. I can’t recommend Rebecca and Breathe Easy Birthing highly enough.

Karon & Glynn, July 2016.

Hi Rebecca, we are all really well thanks and Oliver is doing great. He’s gained lots of weight too – he dropped from 6lb 9oz down to 6.6 and is now 6lb 14oz. The birth was perfect, in fact if I’m honest every time I think about it I could cry – it was just an amazing experieimg_9934nce!! Glynn and I were on a high for a couple of days afterwards and couldn’t believe how brilliant the whole thing was and yes the Hypnobirthing definitely helped. I managed to get through it all with no pain relief, I breathed through the contractions and only had a bit of gas & air right at the very end, when the midwife turned up. Not sure if your mum has told you but the midwife only just got there in the nick of time, she arrived half an hour before I gave birth! The whole home birth scenario was so so lovely – we had candles burning, the Hypnobirthing cd playing in the background (followed by panpipes!!), it was nice and peaceful and calm and just the two of us for the majority of the labour. We are so very grateful to you for the information you shared with us during the sessions and especially giving us the idea of having a home birth in the first place. Would love you to come and meet the new member of our family sometime. Sorry for the essay but I could honestly rave about it for hours! In fact, I already want baby #3 and Glynn is quite scared I think xx 😀💙🚼 xx

Donna & Jamie, July 2016.

After our little ‘surprise’ of discovering what I thought was the start of early menopause, actually turned out to be baby number 3!

The sickness kicked in right on schedule at about 6 weeks as in my first two previous pregnancies! I knew from the start that I wanted this (my last) pregnancy and birthing experience completely different from the previous two and, well, my way!

Now I’m not naive and I know you can’t really make a birth plan etc, because, let’s face it, babies will do what they want, when they want, but I was determined.
So from about 16 weeks, the One to One Midwives had capacity to take me on and continue with my maternity care and I wanted a pool birth at home.

F14721528_10154401376830733_4904756171041932823_n-2rom the start, my midwife was great. So supportive or my needs, the things I adamant I didn’t want and the things I definitely did want. There was never any pressure to do things I was uncomfortable with and consent was asked for with each process.

I was offered a place on the Hypnobirthing course, which unfortunately we couldn’t attend, but then, the lovely Rebecca had just done her course and needed some ‘Guineapigs’, so of course we were game. I wanted the relaxing, calm environment at home with little or no drugs and nature to just take over.

Rebecca came round to the convenience of our own home and went through the course of a number of session. We discussed anxieties, expectations, pros and cons. We talked about the birthing process, we were shown massage techniques and listened to scripts whilst relaxing to music.

As the weeks passed, I would listen to the music to go to sleep but then decided that it wasn’t for me, so I did stick to the breathing exercises and tried to relax as much as I possibly could.

Tuesday 19th July 2016, 5 days over my due date and my dads 65th birthday. I woke as normal at 6.30am, instantly things felt different. I went to the loo to discover I was having a show and had an uncomfortable but bearable ache in my lower abdomen, but being the person I am, I carried on as normal, got in the shower and got myself ready for the day.

I woke my husband to ensure he wasn’t working to far from home that day as I thought ‘things were happening’, but he was to go into work as normal. As the morning went on, things were definitely happening. I told my son and his teacher, when dropping him at school that I probably wouldn’t be there to pick him up as I thought the baby was going to be born today.

I walked home, and put the washing out and phoned my dad to cancel our lunch plans as it was his birthday but I would go and take his pressie and card round anyway. I stayed for about an hour, practicing my breathing quite frequently, then made my plans.

Hubby was phoned to start heading home to inflate and fill the birthing pool, the in laws were called to collect the dog and my youngest son and the oldest son after school and I called the mid wife.

We got home about 10.30am, things were definitely happening, but I kept breathing through it! About 12pm I was leaning over my birthing ball, talking to my midwife on the phone, who was going to aim to get to us for about 2pm.. ‘Yes’, that will be fine, I can still hold a conversation, I’ve got ages yet!

About 1pm I decided to into the birthing pool as I was getting a bit irritable now and hot as it was the hottest day of the year so far. I breathed through a couple of intense but quick contractions and my hubby said to me to try and close my eyes and zone out and relax, which to my surprise, I did. Nothing happened for about 3 minutes, then all of a sudden came a big one and I asked him to ‘call the midwife’, as this one took my breath away. She hadn’t even left home and was a 40 minute drive away! So she phoned her buddy who would be along shortly.

Well, baby didn’t want to wait, as the next contraction came, so did the babies head, then with a few little pushes and pants, the rest babies face, then a short break before the final contraction and baby was out!

I bought baby to the surface whilst hubby was on the phone to the midwife to tell her that baby was out and then to the emergency services as the first responder could get to us quicker, and it was actually a very calming environment that we had bought our baby into. Baby needed a little rub and the cord un-tangled before taking a breath and giving a little cry, and then we took a look to discover we had a daughter.

Little Evie Emma-Rose born at 1.20pm, weighing 7lb 1/2 oz.
I would recommend the Hypnobirthing and definitely the book to. It’s such an eye opener.
I wish I knew then when I had my first son, what I know now.


My Story, February 2015.

About 5.30pm I began to feel uterine surges low in my abdomen. I didn’t think much of it, as I didn’t know what  my own surges would feel like during labour. I felt quite calm &  decided to eat some porridge and toast to keep me going…just incase this was the beginning of my journey..

…whilst I sat on the living room floor, eating my food & swaying my hips through the early surges, I felt ok, I started to think, yeh… I’m in labour, (but didn’t mention anything to Jason just yet, as I wasn’t ready to make it official).

Later that evening we went to bed, and through the night my surges increased in frequency. Jason wasn’t aware of any of this yet, but I became sick and he woke in worry that he had given me food poising from the dinner her cooked earlier that day. I reassured him, no its not food poising, haha…I think I’m in labour.

As the night developed my surges remained low in my abdomen, but they felt more intense, more regular that I felt it was time to call and notify our midwife. We’d planned for a home birth, so Jenny came out to us in the early hours, I know its her job but I felt bad for calling her at such an unsociable time!

Jenny arrived and begun to set up the birthing pool with Jason; and our dog not too far behind them both.

I still felt ok, I was managing to breath through my surges, use my yoga hip rotations to assist an active birth, all the while Jason massaged my back. I rest in between surges, dosing on the sofa at times. We had lavender candles burning, the curtains drawn and soft music in the background, it was lovely.

Jenny kept giving me a reassuring nod, whilst she observed my progress and about 8am, things seemed to settle down and my surges seemed to stop altogether. I felt tired by this stage, I didn’t know how much longer my labour would be, how mu
ch more intense the surges would become. I was just waiting, we all dosed dsc02756until Jason recommend, how about I get into the pool?

So I did, and oh my what a release. The warmth of the water with the soft cushioning of the pool under my knees felt heavenly. I used the support of the pool to rest my head and continue breathing through my surges. When I felt my waters pop. That was it, I knew my little one was iminently due to arrive!!!! A few surges later, 15 minutes later to be precise, my little girl arrived calmly, gently and I’d done it, I’d birthed my baby – amazing & unforgetable.

I can remember my daughters birth like it was yesterday, I could talk through each step with so much more detail, but I’ve tried to condense my story for the readers! I was tired, my body felt somewhat exhausted but the birth was just so nice. I enjoyed it, Emily was so calm and I’ll cherish that experience forever xx

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