Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions

For 1 Hour Per Week on a Monday evenings from 7pm until 8pm I host a Pregnancy Relaxation Session at Chelmsford’s Nesting Place.

A small, intimate group of expectant mums have the opportunity to sit and enjoy a relaxation breathing technique, lay down on soft cushions with a warm blanket to continue the session listening to a Wise Hippo or Katherine Graves deep relaxation script all focusing on positive births, positive affirmations and building confidence and time to focus on you and your baby.

Whilst remaining comfortably seated I offer a drink with cake or biscuits to privately discuss a topic of conversation around pregnancy or birth. From understanding the physiology of birth, to being aware of the impact or fear, taking charge of your thoughts and practicing relaxation & self-hypnosis. Or perhaps the conversation will naturally lead onto a topic that the Mums enjoying the session begin.

My rolling 6 week session provide’s a safe space to stay relaxed and confident as you approach your due date, meet other mums who you may wish to befriend or simply enjoy cake!



Course Outline

The 1 hour relaxation sessions take place on Monday evenings 7pm – 8pm

The course runs on a 6 week rolling basis and expectant mums are welcome to join us at any point in the 6 weeks, and continue to take part for as many block sessions as you desire.

The 6 weekly topics covered include the following;

  • The Physiology of Birth and the Impact of Fear
  • Relaxation
  • Writing your birth plan and making your birth choices
  • Physical preparations for birth
  • The Impact of Others
  • Taking charge of your thoughts


  • £50 for a block of 6 sessions
  • Pay as you go if you are 34+ weeks at £10 per session.

*to secure your space payment via BACS is required before all classes and any missed classes are non refundable or transferable.

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