Birth Doula

As a mentored Birth Doula my package includes

    2 Antenatal Meetings to establish how I can best support you in Pregnancy & Birth
    On call from 37 weeks onwards 24hours a day
    Support During Birth
    1 Post natal meeting
    Optional Hypnobirthing refresher
    Discounted rate for Pregnancy Relaxation Sessions

I have been privileged to support ladies and their birth partners during Birth learning how best to support them through our antenatal meetings. During the antenatal meets I listen to your birth preferences, respect your choices and offer you options to help understand and make your own decisions ready for birth.

Additional extras include Hypnobirthing refreshers which can familiarise and refocus your mind for birth. Or take advantage of some head space at a discount rate in my Relaxation Sessions.

Confidentiality is maintained and I offer non judgemental support that is tailored for you.

**All client details are stored locally and will not be shared to any other party**

Please follow this link and read the full article from this wonderful blog

What a wonderful description about how our bodies actually work in labour, I feel this helps understand the process of birth; #femalebodiesrock

Here is what she writes:

“Did you know labor is less about your cervix opening and more about the thickness and contracting power of the uterus moving baby down and out? READ more about what empowering birth expert Carla Hartley has to say about this revelatory perspective in birth physiology!
“We think in pictures and we should be painting accurate pictures. The cervix nor the vagina bloom. The cervix is not a zip lock bag. The purpose of labor is NOT the creation of an opening or a hole… The purpose of labor contractions and retractions is to BUILD the fundus, which will, when it is ready, EJECT the baby, like a piston. Without a nice thick fundus there is no power to get baby out….the cervix does not dilate out….it dilates UP as a result of the effort to pull muscles up into the uterus to push muscles up to the fundus. The cervical dilation is secondary to that. The cervix is pulled up as a result of the building of the fundus. Assigning a number to cervical dilation is of little consequence and we make a huge mistake by interpreting progress or predicting time of birth to that number. Any experienced midwife or OB can tell you that the cervix can be manipulated and that a woman whose cervix is at 7 could have the baby in a few minutes or a few hours.
If more providers and educators knew the truth about birth physiology, we could make a huge difference for mothers. What is important is to keep her well supported for the purpose of the appropriate chemistry, to keep her well hydrated and nourished for muscle strength, and to believe in her. We should be supporting her so that her physiology and that of her baby are unhindered, so they can finish what they started.
We should not be measuring, poking, or interpreting her labor. THIS CHANGE in teaching about labor could make such a difference for women who are imagining what is happening in their bodies during labor. How much more strength might they have if they have an accurate picture?” -Carla Hartley